Three Olives Vokda commercial submission for poptent

This was an awesome opportunity to shoot another poptent commercial at a new local restaurant, Archer’s Tavern in Centerville, Ohio,  which is  owned by one of my high school friends.  They were kind enough to open VERY early so we could shoot this.  The concept was created by Max and he did a great job bringing it to life.  Ryan Singer, the main character, is my old roommate and fellow stand up comedian.  This guys is probably the nicest and most talented comedian I have ever met and we are extremely fortune to have had him for our commercial.

Three Olives Vodka chose the theme “Three guys walk into a bar.” for their campaign promoting the new DUDE Lemon-Lime product. If you like this please go to the website and “LIKE” the video. Once again, we are trying to show that Dayton, Ohio can produce nation/international quality productions.


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